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Subject Area Groups (SAGs)


Competences represent a dynamic combination of knowledge, understanding, skills and abilities. Fostering these competences is the purpose of degree programmes. Competences are developed in various units/courses/modules and assessed at different stages. They may be divided into generic (common to any degree programme) and subject specific (related to a concrete field).
Generic competences identify shared elements, common to any degree, such as capacity to learn, teamwork, interpersonal abilities, etc. They are complemented by subject specific competences which give identity to a particular degree.

Generic Competences

1.      Capacity for conceptual thinking, analysis and synthesis

2.      Ability to work professionally with respect to ethical values and commitment to Ubuntu

3.      Capacity for critical thinking, evaluation and self-awareness

4.      Ability to translate knowledge into practice

5.      Ability to take relevant and objective decisions, and to propose practical, cost-effective solutions to problems

6.      Capacity to use innovative and appropriate technologies

7.      Ability to communicate effectively in official and local languages

8.      Ability to learn to learn, and capacity for lifelong learning

9.      Ability to demonstrate flexibility and adaptability to new situations

10.   Self- confidence, ability for creative and innovative thinking

11.   Capacity to demonstrate leadership, management and teamwork skills professionally

12.   Ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate interpersonal skills

13.   Sustainable environmental awareness and economic consciousness in professional decision making

14.   Ability to work in an intra- and intercultural and/or international context

15.   Ability to take initiatives and work independently

16.   Ability to evaluate, review and enhance quality

17.   Ability to manifest self-confidence and to exhibit / translate knowledge into practice with an entrepreneurial spirit

18.   Commitment to preserve and add value to Africa’s identities, diversity and cultural heritage