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Officially, the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia, via a land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula. It is the world's only contiguous Eurafrasian nation. Most of Egypt's territory of 1,010,408 square kilometres (390,000 sq mi) lies within the Nile Valley. Egypt is a Mediterranean country. It is bordered by the Gaza Strip and Israel to the northeast, the Gulf of Aqaba to the east, the Red Sea to the east and south, Sudan to the south and Libya to the west. Cairo is the capital and largest city.


Alexandria University logo

Alexandria University

In 1938, the nucleus of the Alexandria University (formerly known as Farouk University) had its beginning in the form of two faculties of Fouad the First University. These were the faculties of Arts and Law. The faculty of Engineering was then established in 1941.

Assiut University logo

Assiut University

Assiut University was established in October 1957 as the first university in Upper Egypt to prepare highly qualified graduates with the basic specialized academic knowledge and training expertise on the various necessary skills. Besides, the university offers an abundance of programs complying with the contemporary world changes.


Leadership in the construction of a community of knowledge by offering distinguished education, advanced research, and society enhancement activities.

MissionImplementation of human energy to achieve the university's future vision by providing sufficient education for the requirements of the present time and the future, preparing distinguished generations of graduates capable of  competition in local and international labor markets; graduates who excel in scientific and technological research, and offering research programs that enhance knowledge and contribute to social development.

1 - Distinguished graduates capable of innovation and competition in the labor market.
2 - Development of graduate studies and research capacity of the University.
3 - Empowerment of interrelation between the university and the community.
4 - Effective administrative organization.
5 - Established  university values ​​and ethics.
6 - Support  and encouragement for university colleges and institutes to apply accreditation.

Cairo University logo

Cairo University

The role of Princess Fatma Ismail in establishing the Egyptian University is related to the idea itself and how the dream of establishing this university was converted into a real fact. Thus, we should stop a little to know the idea and role of contributors in taking it out into the light and raising the awareness of the Egyptian Public opinion of its importance and role in upgrading the perceptions and the ethics of the Egyptians in spite of the diversity of religion through spreading arts and science among its sons.

Egypt - Japan University of Science and Technology logo

Egypt - Japan University of Science and Technology

- A status of national and international recognition.
- A first class international academic institution known worldwide for the high standards of its educational system, the high standard of its graduates and for the achievements of its research centers.
- A world class center of excellence for higher education and research with regional and global reach.
- One of the top 500 international universities within 10 years.
- A success story and a living proof of the Egyptian and Japanese cooperation that promotes human development in the region and the world.

Menoufia university logo

Menoufia university

Menofia University (MU) was founded in 1976. It started withfour faculties with nearly 9500 students, 214 staff members and 372 assistingmembers. It has steadily and remarkably developed to be one of the largest universities in Egypt.Today the University includes 22 faculties & institutes with about 80000 students and  3500 teaching  staff members .

The University has two campuses. The main cam­pus is located in the city of Shebin EL-koum, thecap­ital of Menofia Governorate, which is 75 Km from Cairo.

The University'sother branch has been recently established in accordance with the presidentialdecree No 267, for the year 2006. It is located in SadatCity, 60 Km from Shebin EL-koum, and 90 Km from Cairo.

Suez Canal University logo

Suez Canal University

The history of Suez Canal University dates back to 1976 when the university was established by the presidential decree no. 93 for 1976.

Study began in 1977 in six faculties; namely, the faculty of science, the faculty of agriculture, the faculty of commerce, the faculty of engineering and technology (in Port Said) and the faculty of education (in Suez).

Tanta University logo

Tanta University

In 1962, President of the United Arab Republic issued Decree No. 1647 to establish Alexandria Faculty of Medicine in Tanta.
In 1969, President of the United Arab Republic issued Decree No. 1088 to establish new faculties in some universities. These included Faculty of Commerce in Tanta, whose original name was the High Commercial Institution in Tanta affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education, Faculties of Science and Teachers in Tanta and Faculty of Agriculture in Kafr El-Sheikh, whose original name was the High Agricultural Institution in Kafr El-Sheikh affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education. These all were affiliated to Alexandria University.

In 1970, President of the United Arab Republic issued Decree No. 1578 to establish branches for Cairo, Alexandria and Ain Shams Universities. Therefore, a branch for Alexandria University was established in Tanta. This branch included Faculties of Medicine, Commerce, Science and Teachers in Tanta and Faculty of Agriculture in Kafr El-Sheikh