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Applied Geology Group Competences

The Applied Geology group is composed by 15 members from 15 universities: Université de Maroua (Cameroun); Université de Lubumbashi (RDC);  Adama Science and Technology University (Ethiopia); Université des Sciences et Technologies de Côte d'Ivoire -USTCI (Côte d'Ivoire); Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology - JKUAT (Kenya); Sebha University (Libya); Université D'Antananarivo (Madagascar); Université des Sciences, Technologie et Médecine - USTM (Mauritanie); University of Nigeria Nsukka (Nigeria); University of Rwanda (Rwanda); Juba University, Departmet of Geology and Mining (South Sudan); Faculté des Sciences de Tunis (Tunisie); Université de Yaounde I Cameroun.

Specific Competences

1.      Ability to apply earth sciences knowledge and techniques to design a mining engineering project

2.      Ability to find, characterise and estimate natural resources

3.      Ability to understand the origin and the evolution of earth and its components

4.      Ability to collect, map, analyse and interpret geological data using various Geoscientific techniques

5.      Ability to use methods and techniques of natural resources exploration and exploitation

6.      Ability to evaluate environmental impact of natural resources exploitation

7.      Ability to conduct geotechnical site investigation

8.      Ability to identify the genesis, types and uses of geological materials

9.      Ability to use and/or develop modern analytical and numerical techniques in geological solving problems

10.   Ability to evaluate socio-economic impacts of geological resources and their utilisation

11.   Ability to monitor, assess and plan risk mitigation management in case of Geohazards

12.   Ability to implement health and safety legislation in geological resources exploitation

13.   Ability to use geological projects for sustainable development

14.   Perceiving and understanding the time-space dimension of geological processes and their effects on the planet

15.   Ability to contribute with the knowledge on georesources for engineering projects

16.   Ability to demonstrate knowledgeable geoscientific expertize in entrepreneurial and managerial skills

17.   Ability to carry out field geological and laboratory investigations based on geoscientific standard procedures and code of practice

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